Rcc road estimate

Laying of CC Road in village of Mandal. Grant:- MRR Est. Cost :- Rs. Rajamouli H Est. The above wok has been administratively santioned for Rs. The estimate is prepared with the following specifications 1 Construction of granular Sub-Base by providing local materials Table Construction of un-reinforced, dowel jointed at expansion and construction joint only, plain cement concrete pavement, thickness as per design, over a prepared sub base, with 43 grade cement or any other type as per clause Construction of granular Shoulders by providing local materials Table The estimate is prepared with current Revised SSR and accordingly submitted for Technical sanction.

Rajamouli H S. Vibratory Roller KN 10 cum per hour Tractor with rotavator 25 cum per hour Water tanker 6kl capacity Material Naturally occurring gravel Local materials as per Table Concrete mixer 0. Material Crushed stone coarse aggregates, grading will be as per clause Sand as per IS and conforming to clause September Rate Bitumen primer ml. Per joint for 23 joints. Debonding strips 3. Crushed stone coarse aggregates, grading will be as per clause Rajamouli H Sl No.

Rajamouli H Qty of Material Sl.

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Rajamouli H Sl. Premeasurements of pot holes and removal of loose material, trimming of sides, cleaning of surface by providing tack coat, 20mm thick.

Supply and fixing of Caution Board including cost of materials, fixing, painting, lettering etc. Supply and fixing of Village Board including cost of materials, fixing, painting, lettering etc. Supply and fixing of KM Stones including cost of materials, fixing, painting, lettering etc.

Supply and fixing of HM Stones including cost of materials, fixing, painting, lettering etc. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Jul 01, Did you find this document useful?For calculating the cost of the slab, if your area of slab is without beam than the cost of Rcc slab excluding MS steel is Rs per sq feet.

The thickness of RCC slab depends on many factors i. Span of the slab, concrete mix use in the slab and steel use in the slab. Query on Labour Cost for Roof I have hired a small contractor labour contract on sq. The Centring Contractor has made roofing by having flat surface from bottom of slab and sloping on top surface of slab for easy flow of rain water.

Do I have to pay extra labour cost to the centring contractor due to increase in thickness of roof slab since materials cement, gravelsteel and sand is supplied by me? Iam going to renovate my DDA flat.

Construction Cost for RCC Roof / Slabs

As you stated walls are already errected for old house. The labor cost of casting RCC beam and slab including centering and shuttering when calculating in cubic feet i. The cost can be calculated on the basis of design i,e. Home Shop Construction. View Profile. View Picture Collection. Change Password. Sign out. Can you please tell me procedure for conducting load test on a rcc ramp at site?

Which code book should I refer? Copyright GharExpert. House Plans. Picture Gallery. Sign in Sign up. Upload your designs. Bimlendra Jha. Thanks Bimlendra Jha.In my earlier articles, I have discussed types of specifications and various purposes for which specifications are to be given.

Most of the constructions of various types of buildings are RCC constructions. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about the specifications that are to be necessarily given for carrying out RCC reinforced Cement Concrete constructions. I need to find out per sqft cost of monolithic construction including the quantity of material included and labour details. Interest to join the group. And l what to ask questions in a in building especially in calculatation work. Yes of course I can get you all the details you may want only if you are willing to pay for expertise required.

I want to the procedure for preparing an estimation for a building pls help With any one example with plan. I have single floor house sqft.

Unfortunately it will not take the load.

How To Calculate Steel Quantity For RCC Beam, Column And Slab

Your house has been very poorly designed. Which engineer did you consult for such a disastrous design? After demarcation of construction site how the positioning of central coordinate 0,0,0 is done as per grid plan so that proper laying out of column and other points of column are determined.

Thank u hope i will be clarified as like others do. Vishnu : I want to the procedure for preparing an estimation for a building pls help. I want to know that how much cement bag would required for rcc for sq fit of beam or piller? What is max shear stress in concrete?

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement

What is the minimum and maximum cement content for RCC? What is cube strength and cylinder strength? Why we need torsional reinforcement in two way slab?

What is meant by ductile detailing? What is high strength concrete? What is tensile strength of concrete? What is modulus of elasticity of concrete? What is the formula for maximum shear reinforcement in beams? Min and max steel in slabs and beams and columns Expansion joints spacing? Slenderness ratio in columns Max spacing of steel in slabs, min and max dia Why distribution steel is provided?

What is uniaxial, biaxial bending in columns Minimum concrete strength for various components of a building Minimum width of columns as per IS Densities of concrete, bricks, hollow block, steel, etc. Define over reinforced, under reinforced and balanced section and what is preferred in failure situatiions. I just want to know some thing about estimation.

I want to construct a rcc slab from main road to my house. It will be sloped. So, how I estimate. That means what amount of steel, sand and stone or brick chips do I required.By Prof. Gite, Mr. Yogesh S. Nagare Amrutvahini College of Engineering, Sangamner. This type of pavement has no transverse joints unless and until there is end of pavement or the pavement comes in contact with some other pavement or bridge.

A longitudinal joint exists only if the road is wider than 14 feet. Due to reduction of joints smooth and continuous riding is possible resulting in fuel saving.

Also CRCP roads are maintenance free if properly constructed and care is taken while placement of steel. Once CRCP roads are constructed they need not to be taken care of for the next years. CRCP is allowed to crack due to which stresses in the pavement are released. The cracks formed are held tightly by the reinforcement, due to which widening and deepening of cracks is restricted.

Hence we can conclude that in CRCP controlled cracking is permitted.

rcc road estimate

The initial cost of CRCP is high, but as it is maintenance free, and lasts for decades, overall cost of CRCP is less as compared to other type of reinforced concrete pavements.

Use of CRCP will enhance the cement, and steel industries; it will reduce the fuel consumption by vehicles, and will save lots of money required for frequent construction and repairs of other type of pavements. Speedy transportation of natural resources such as raw materialsfinished goods and perishable materials to all parts of the country including the points of export outlets are basic inputs to economic growth.

Recently there has been a major shift in transportation mode from Railways towards the Road sector. In India flexible pavement bitumen is most common for both national and state highways.

Majority of roads are also built with conventional bitumen pavements considering its lower initial cost, though the life cycle cost of these pavements are very high compared to rigid pavements due to frequent repairs and also need for complete resurfacing at interval of years. Further fuel consumption of vehicles is much higher on this type of pavement than that on rigid pavement.

In advanced countries rigid pavement is increasingly being used due to large number of benefits it offers. Considering durability of concrete pavements some portion of Delhi — Mathura and Mumbai — Pune expressway was built with jointed concrete pavement. Continuously reinforced concrete pavement, CRCP eliminates the need for transverse joints other than at bridges and other structures and keep cracks tight, resulting in a continuous, smooth-riding surface that is virtually maintenance free.Post a Comment.

Excel Sheets. Road Estimate Excel Sheet. August 12, However, since road construction techniques are similar throughout the world, one can easily derive reasonable cost estimates once the main conditioning factors have been identified, by applying figures from similar road construction projects.

No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Find me on facebook. Popular Posts. Sheet Pile Design Spreadsheet.

rcc road estimate

Project Management Templates. These templates are very useful Staircase Analysis and Design Spreadsheet. Download free a Spreadsheet to design and analysis Staircase and details of the drawing. Design of Raft Foundation Excel Sheet. Design of Raft Foundation Excel Sheet Raft foundation is a thick concrete slab reinforced with steel which covers the entire contact a Download Steel Beam Design Spreadsheet.

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This Spreadsheet performs an analysis and design of simply supported and cantilever ,steel beams bending about their X-X axis and subjecte Abutment and Retaining Wall Design Spreadsheet This spreadsheet demonstrates how to efficiently design abutment or retaining wall Steel Member Design to BS Powered by Blogger.Sincehomeowners and businesses in Toronto have trusted RCC Waterproofing to solve their leaky basement problems with waterproofing solutions and basement foundation repair.

If you have a wet basement, RCC is the waterproofing contractor for you. RCC has been featured in many news articles, interviews and television appearances over the years, across news outlets from Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and more.

RCC Waterproofing speaks to Breakfast Television on CityTV Toronto about protecting your foundation from flood damage when the spring thaw creates pools of water around your home.

RCC Waterproofing speaks to City News Toronto to provide home waterproofing tips and let homeowners know how the Spring Thaw could cause basement leaks and other types of foundation damage.

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CHCH talks to RCC Waterproofing about the aftermath of the Stoney Creek Storm near Hamilton and how homeowners can prevent basement floods by stopping water from coming through their foundation and into their houses.

Toronto braces for possible flooding amid a multi-day storm. The Toronto Sun interviewed RCC Waterproofing to find out how homeowners can protect their basement from winter water damage and make changes around the house and foundation to prevent your basement from water leaks. Guaranteed lowest price in Toronto for basement waterproofing and foundation repair!

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OverG. A and surrounding area foundations repaired and waterproofed. Toronto Wet Basements made permanently dry, from the inside or outside with or without digging! Family Owned Since Simply the best Oversatisfied customers.

rcc road estimate

We Are Open. Find out more about how we keeping our customers and staff safe in our blog section. Read More. Basement Waterproofing Services Learn More. Basement Waterproofing Products Learn More.

View All News. Watch News. City News RCC Waterproofing speaks to City News Toronto to provide home waterproofing tips and let homeowners know how the Spring Thaw could cause basement leaks and other types of foundation damage. The Globe and Mail Toronto braces for possible flooding amid a multi-day storm. Toronto Sun The Toronto Sun interviewed RCC Waterproofing to find out how homeowners can protect their basement from winter water damage and make changes around the house and foundation to prevent your basement from water leaks.

Written estimate prior to basement waterproofing. Toronto basement waterproofing reviews and testimonials available. Written guarantee upon basement waterproofing completion! All basement waterproofing work guaranteed for 50 years! Toronto's most referred basement waterproofing Contractor.

Reviews A few words from customers See All Reviews. Internal Drainage System at Deloraine Ave. Toronto, ON.

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External Waterproofing at Augusta Ave. Internal Drainage System at Langley Ave. External Waterproofing at Dukinfield Cr. External Waterproofing at Abbotsford Rd.

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External Waterproofing at Glenholme Ave. External Waterproofing at Glendora Ave.Breaking News Fetching data Civil engineering program.

rcc road estimate

Home Road xls Road estimate template in excel format. Road xls.

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Road Model estimate excel worksheet. Road estimate template in excel format web share T 5. Related Posts. Recent Posts.

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Posts most popular. Design water tank structure excel sheet. Water tank design calculations with excel spreadsheet. Road estimate template in excel format. Model Construction Cost Estimate template excel format. Concrete estimate calculator excel template. Download Tags: concrete estimate template concrete estimate example concrete estim Sample of excel earthwork calculations worksheet to download for free. Daily work progress report format - Excel templates. Model Estimate for Construction of Concrete Road.

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